4-26-13: I was picked to attend Jet Blue's: Live from T5 featuring Emeli Sande', at JFK airport today!The event was open to people who were in the airport traveling, or who won admittance. What an opportunity!

How many times in your life can you see one of your favorite artist perform in a airport? She took the stage and KILLED IT! It was perfect because it was still an intimate show, even though in such a high traffic place.. At first I was thinking it would be an acoustic show, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it was full band, and they were NOT shy to turn it up!

This girl is definitely a class act, and deserves all the recognition she has gotten, and continues to receive. I look forward to supporting her through out the years, as a writer, musician, and an artist. I think it's safe to say JFK will never be the same! THANK YOU JET BLUE!


3-18-13: If you haven't already heard of her or her music, you need to check out singer/songwriter Emeli Sande'. She is one of the most amazing singers I have ever heard, and is even better live. I was just introduced to her music by a friend, and instantly fell in love with her voice. I had the opportunity to not only see her twice this past January, but meet her as well. She is just as lovely in person, as she is onstage.

One of the shows I saw, was a regular full band and full set list show. The other, was a very intimate and acoustic performance for Last.FM Sessions in NYC, at a little place called, The living Room. They did a live taping of the show, which is now available to watch on Last.FM. It was Ah-mazing to say the least! Just her voice an a guitar.. no fancy stuff. That is what I like about he so much, she doesn't need the backup dancers or a big stage production...... just her voice. You don't see too much of that these days, everyone seems to have a crew of backup dancers and circus onstage.

To top it off, Emeli just won 2 Brit Awards for Best Album and Best Female. She also recently performed at Clive Davis's Grammy party, as well as Elton John's Oscar party. Can you say girl is on fire?! You can get her debut album Our Version of Events at iTunes or Amazon. You can also pick up her newly released Live CD/DVD - Emeli Sande' Live at the Royal Hall at Amazon, as well. Check her out, you won't be disappointed!


2-25-13: Back to the basics! I got tired of the old web site and color scheme, so decided to switch things up a bit. You can't go wrong with black and white, it's clean and simple. Thank you for stopping by and looking around!

Because it is Monday, here is a little humor from my and everyone's favorite "Grumpy Cat" Tarder Sauce :)








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